The most recent, available Strategic School Profiles are below. 

2012-2013 District Profile

2012-2013 Bolton Center School Profile

2012-2013 Bolton High School Profile

Questions regarding the profiles can be addressed to either the Superintendent, Kristin B. Heckt; Principal BCS, Darryl Giard or Principal BHS, Joe Maselli

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Courtesy of the State of CT Website:

About the School Profiles
What Are Strategic School profiles?

The Connecticut General Assembly passed Section 10-220(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes, an act concerning the reporting of school and district strategic profile reports, in May 1990. The law provides that:

"...each local and regional board of education shall submit to the commissioner of education a strategic school profile report for each school under its jurisdiction and for the school district as a whole. Each profile report will contain information on measures of student needs, school resources, and student and school performance.

Reports will be available annually on November 1st."

The broad areas of the report include:
school performance - school programs and activities which translate resources into outcomes; and
student performance - the results of the instructional process.
What are the Goal and the Purposes of the Profile Reports?

The primary goal of the Strategic School Profiles is to improve schools through informed decision making.

The Strategic School Profiles have two basic purposes:
to serve as an accountability system which informs the public about what is happening in Connecticut schools; and
to stimulate school improvement through shared information.