The BPS Portrait of a Graduate is intended to inspire, motivate, and guide the work of students, teachers, schools, and the district as we prepare all students to be capable, ethical, healthy, responsible, and thoughtful citizens.

Graphic of Portrait of a Graduate

Content Mastery

Knowledgeable - Possessing and exhibiting knowledge and skills to succeed as a learner, worker, and citizen.
 Civic Engagement
  Communicator - Listening and articulating effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  Collaborator - Working well with others while being willing to understand and offer alternate points of view.

Citizen - Demonstrating civic responsibility, participating in the democratic process, impacting the community responsibly, embracing diversity with empathy and respect, making safe, legal, and ethical choices.

Lifelong Learning and Innovation

  Self-Directed - Acting independently with integrity while demonstrating personal accountability and making a positive contribution.
  Critical Thinker - Analyzing, evaluating, interpreting, synthesizing information, and applying creative thought to raise vital questions, form arguments, solve problems, or reach solutions.
  Creative and Practical Problem Solver - Identifying, defining, and solving authentic problems and addressing challenges with creative thinking and innovation.